Promoting Your Property

To gain maximum exposure, your property is advertised in the following ways:

  1. All Properties are photographed and placed in our window display. Our prominent location on Dallas Parade provides an excellent source of walk-in activity.
  2. All Properties are listed on a ‘property rental list’ and handed to all prospective tenants who call into our office.
  3. All Properties are placed on our website (, and
  4. If appropriate we will place advertisements in the Courier-Mail and/or the relevant local paper. This is also an excellent source of obtaining prospective tenants
  5. We are open 6 days a week, with 24 hour phone contact, to maximize the chances of finding a tenant.


Selecting Tenants

Our office recognizes that this is often the singularly most important
matter of concern to our lessors and for this reason, we are
particularly discerning when it comes to selecting quality Tenants and
matching the tenant to the property.

Prospective Tenants are carefully selected through both an
application and interview system. We are a member of the Tenancy
Information Centre Australia (T.I.C.A.), which gives us the opportunity
to check previous rental records of prospective tenants. As well,
employment and verbal references are all conducted. Only when all of
this information has been collated are we in a position to make a

We take the greatest care to ensure the correct tenant is chosen for your property.


At VZ Real Estate we believe in keeping open communication between
all parties at all times. A lot of the time problems can be avoided
with a telephone call.

Our inspections are conducted at regular intervals so as to ensure
the property is being properly maintained. We will advise on future or
preventative maintenance in order for you to plan your expenses.
Neglect of minor repairs can often lead to major repairs and
expenditure and can result in the loss of a good tenant or incur
penalty fines by the Small Claims Tribunal for not attending to
maintenance or repairs, as specified in the Residential Tenancies Act

Also if you would like to inspect your property from time to time
we can arrange it for you with seven days notice in writing to the

Fees & Charges

Our fees are based on the schedule of Property Agents & Motor Dealers Act 2000.

Rent collection fee: 5.0 %
Management fee 3.5 %
Total: 8.5 %
(This is also subject to GST of 10%)

A small fee of $5.00 (+GST) per month is deducted to cover postage
and petties. These include telephone calls, bank charges, postage, etc.

A lot of agents charge a 1st Week Letting fee for finding a tenant.  At VZ Real Estate this fee is waived.


All property management fees are tax deductible

Rental Payments

Your rental payments can either be paid directly to you by cheque or banked electronically to your account. This is done on the 28th day of each month.

The Residential Tenancies Act clearly states that the Property Owner must maintain the premises in “good repair” in a state that complies with health and safety codes, local government by-laws and supply authority regulations.These laws have been written to protect individuals from injury and poor living standards. Failure to maintain the property can have serious consequences if a tenant is injured.

As your managing agent we have your best interests at the forefront of our actions. If we recommend improvements or repairs, it is to protect your investment property.


Property Agreement

A signed management agreement must be in place before we can list your property for rent.

We also require the following:

  • a copy of your current Building Insurance
  • a copy of a current pest control receipt
  • a copy of the outgoing carpet cleaning receipt
  • at least (2) complete sets of keys
  • information about garbage collection dates
  • instruction books for fixtures in the property such as air conditioners, dishwashers

We also
require the property to be handed over to us in a clean state. This
means that when a tenant vacates a property, they are handing it back
in the same state.


Sue Jalil

Business Development Manager